Videosite look and feel configuration/modification

Last Updated about a month ago

You can simply and quickly modify the look and feel of the videosite to fit the graphical profile of most websites. Follow the steps below to get started.

Start with the "Theme" option in the tabbed menu. Here you can select which version to use (currently dark and light appearance available) and from the appearance drop down you can select from a list of preset color configurations.

The customizer will allow you to configure a background color, but if you wish you can upload a background image instead by clicking on the image thumbnail. The background image can be configured to repeat which is particularly useful for small images. Experiment to find the best setup for you! Note: Background images are not processed for web publishing and large image will cause slow load times. Be sure to upload a .jpg compressed image, file size is less than 4MB and the maximum resolution is not higher than 5000x5000px. Larger image will result in a longer loading time.

By overriding the individual colors in the theme you can customize the videosite to the colors you like. You may also choose from a list of fonts in the drop down. 


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