Broadcast live from the Quickchannel IOS app

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This article explains how to use the Screen9 App as encoder for your live event.

There are two types of live broadcasts which can be done in the App. Broadcast to a live channel or broadcast to a live event. For broadcasting to a channel, you need to keep track on which channel to broadcast on. For a live event, you need to be the owner of that live event or have access to it (Administrator or Producer role).

  1. If you don't already have a scheduled event, you need to create a new live event, this is usually done via your browser but can also be done directly from the App under "Console". image More details on how to start a live even can be found in this article. If you want to broadcast to a live event, make sure the broadcaster has access or is the owner of the event. image
  2. While configuring your live event take note of what live channel the event is on if you wish to broadcast to a live channel. (You can see the channel of your event on media details page after the event is created if you want to check later.)
  3. When the event is in preview mode you can go to the Broadcast Live section of the App. You will then be presented with a Live Settings page. To broadcast to a live event, select Broadcast Type Live Event. Afterward, the Live Event dropdown will list the events you can have access to. If you want to broadcast to a live channel, select broadcast type Live Channel in the Broadcast Type dropdown and then which live channel to broadcast to under the Live Channel dropdown. Finally, choose orientation for the live event.
    Note: Before you start broadcasting please enable 'Do Not Disturb' functionality on your iPhone/iPad to avoid recording interruptions due to incoming phone calls or notifications. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and verify your settings. 'Allow Calls from' should be set to No One, 'Silence' should be set to Always and 'Repeated Calls' should be set to Disabled.  Read more here:
  4. If your phone is not in the Orientation mode you selected, you will be asked to rotate it to match the setting before you are able to start streaming.


    If the App cannot connect to the streaming server double check that the event is in preview mode and if broadcasting to live channel, verify that there is an event on the selected live channel.

  5. You should see the stream "Health" icon in Console turn green and then the video stream appear in "Producer View" shortly after.

    Note: You can use the controls in the App to mute microphone, switch camera, and toggle the phones led flash. When you are ready to start the stream either wait for the Event start time or press "Start Now" manually in the Console.

  6. To stop streaming simply press the red icon in the App and if you are finished before the configured event end time you can stop it manually in the Console.
  7. If recording was enabled the event will be available as a video on demand on your account after the event has ended.
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