Live: How to setup an event

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This article explains how to set up a live event in Console. It does not cover how to create a stream to ingest to the live stream. For more information on Live, please see the Live Streaming Knowledge Base section.

To register a live event, open up the New Live Event wizard by pressing the "Go Live" button in the top right corner as displayed in the image below.


A live wizard will open and this is where you control the settings of the event.



  • Event title - Set the title of your live event.
  • Event description - Set the description of your live event.
  • Tags - Add tags to your live event.
  • Event category - Choose which category your live event should belong to.
  • Event start-  Choose when you want your live event to start.
  • Event end - Choose when you want your live event to end.
  • Event duration - How long your live event should be.
  • Preview lead time - How long before the event starts you want to be able to ingest and preview your stream without it being visible to end users. It is recommended to always set up your event with a preview lead time of at least one hour before the event starts to make sure everything works.
  • Live Channel - Select which of your Live Channels you want to stream from. You can find out more on how to setup and manage your Live Channels in Setup live channel article.


  • Enables chat functionality for the live event, allowing viewers to connect to a text chat associated with the live event. Chat can be moderated from Console.


  • Poster Image - The image displayed before the event starts. To change the account default image, go to Upload defaults and upload an image under Account default.
  • Logotype - A small image shown in the top right corner of the player, when pressed the Logotype will link the to set Logotype Link.


  • Quickchannel registration. This section allows you to enable or disable registration for your live event. If registration is enabled, viewers will be required to sign up for the event before they can access it.
  • Input fields. This section allows you to choose which input fields to display on the registration page. You can also choose whether these fields are mandatory or optional. For example, you might require viewers to enter their name, email address, and company name.

Live mixer

  • Select project. If you are about to start a live event with the Live mixer, you'll add the live mixer project here. Read more about live mixer in our knowledge base article.

Advanced settings

See our knowledge base article covering the advanced sesttings.


  • Password - You can lock your live event with a password so that only viewers who know the password can view it. This can help to prevent unauthorized access to your event.
  • Enable SSO login to access media - Lock the live event to only be available after the viewer has logged in via SAML2 Single Sign on. This can make it easier to improve security on live events for internal use within your organization.
  • Domain - Lock the live event to only be available if embedded on a specified domain.
  • IP Range - Lock the live event to only be available to users on the selected IPs and within the selected IP Ranges.
  • Geolocking - Lock the live event to only be available from within the permitted countries. This can help to ensure that your event is only available to viewers in the regions or countries that you want to target.

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