Step-by-step guide: Broadcast a Jitsi meeting to Quickchannel Live

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You can stream a meeting in Jitsi to a live event in Quickchannel by following the steps below.

Register a live event

  1. Log in to Console and go to the live section.
  2. If you don't have a live channel that you wish to stream to set up already, start by setting up a live channel.
  3. When you have the live channel you want to use set up it is time to register a live event.
  4. Make sure the recording is enabled on the event.

Copy RTMP URL from Console

Get your Streaming server and Stream name from the details page of your live event in Console, or from Settings -> Live & Webinar and under the specific live channel you want to use for your meeting.


Start streaming in Jitsi

Press the three dots and select “Start live stream”


Live stream key to insert in Jitsi

In the "Start a live stream" window, paste the server and stream separating them with a forward slash (like "server/stream"):

Here is an example of how a streaming address and name looks like in Quickchannel:

Streaming server address (1): rtmp://

Stream name (2): 123456-1?p=password

The correct address to insert to Jitsi:



If you entered streaming server and stream name separated by a slash as in the example above,
you can ignore the text warning "Live stream key may be incorrect".

Start live stream

Press "Start live stream" to start streaming to the Screen9 live channel.

Tip: If you want to turn mirroring of your webcam in Jitsi on or off,
choose the three dots in the top right corner in the meeting, and press "Flip".


Once you press the "Start live stream" button, you will be able to see
the stream being ingested into the Quickchannel live event.

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