Media overview page

Last Updated 2 years ago

Media overview page shows the video preview as seen by end users, set of icons that enable various actions on the uploaded media and provides a way to manage metadata for it. It also displays basic analytics about the media:

Started views

The total number of views for media on the Account. A view is counted when video is played for a viewer. Pressing replay after playback has finished does not trigger a new view. Similarly, an automatically looping video does not trigger new views for each loop.

Unique viewers

The unique number of visitors that has generated at least one view for the selected time period.

Engagement rate

The total viewed time divided by number of views and media length. Or in other words, as a percentage, how large portion of a media has been consumed on average for the selected time period.

Play rate

Play or conversion rate is the number of started views divided by number of times the player was loaded on a web page.

You can click on the "More" button to get extended analytics about the selected media.

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