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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. (legacy) A live channel that streams directly from an external source doesn't play  
  2. (legacy) Auto-play embed code  
  3. (legacy) Changes in Account Console don't take effect in classic Console  
  4. (legacy) Chapters in Legacy Console  
  5. (legacy) Cleeng  
  6. (legacy) Cloning a video  
  7. (legacy) Configuration and setup  
  8. (legacy) Controlling video playback with keyboard shortcuts in the Rutile player  
  9. (legacy) Disable sharing from console  
  10. (legacy) Disabling advertising for an individual video  
  11. (legacy) Export to Facebook from Legacy Console  
  12. (legacy) Export to Youtube from Legacy Console  
  13. (legacy) Exporting videos as a CSV  
  14. (legacy) FTP import from TT  
  15. (legacy) How category moderation works  
  16. (legacy) Integrated support for QR codes  
  17. (legacy) Live channels  
  18. (legacy) Live event controls  
  19. (legacy) Managing subtitles in console  
  20. (legacy) Multiple accounts  
  21. (legacy) Presenter  
  22. (legacy) Protecting a video  
  23. (legacy) Publish video in Legacy Console  
  24. (legacy) Publishing your video with specific playback start and end times  
  25. (legacy) Registering a live event in the classic Console  
  26. (legacy) Resolution of the generated poster images  
  27. (legacy) Screen9 statistics explained  
  28. (legacy) Search engine videos optimisation  
  29. (legacy) Trimming a video  
  30. (legacy) Uploaded video is stuck in "Queued for processing" status  
  31. (legacy) Uploading from the Account Console  
  32. (legacy) User roles in Legacy Account Console  
  33. (legacy) Video doesn't process correctly  
  34. (legacy) Video tutorial for setting up a live stream  
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