Google Analytics - configuration

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Configuration and Requirements

In order for the Quickchannel player to send the statistics to your Google Analytics 4 account, the following is required:

  1. Use iframe or JavaScript API
    Statistics can only be collected when the Quickchannel player is presented using an iframe embed code or JavaScript Player API.
  2. A property in Google Analytics
    If you are new to Google Analytics, start by setting up a property in Google Analytics. You will need the "Measurement ID" of your web data stream in Google Analytics. Instructions on how to find your "Measurement ID" can be found on this page.
  3. Register your Measurement ID (G-XXXXXX) in Console


    To register the measurement ID for your Quickchannel account, navigate to the "Statistics" tab of Integrations under Settings in the Console, then add the measurement ID from Google Analytics (in the format "G-XXXXXX") and press "Connect".

View the reports (Google Analytics panel)

Once event tracking has been set up and working on your site for a day, you can view statistics for videos in Google Analytics 4.
For more details about how to filter and view this data, see the corresponding user guide.

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