Episerver - Episerver Commerce Cloud installation and publishing

Last Updated 4 months ago

The Screen9 plugin for Episerver enables you to publish videos directly in your Episerver Commerce site. You will need version 4.1.1 (or later) of the plugin.

See this article that explains how to install Screen9 plugin in the CMS installation. The same steps are required for the Commerce installation: Install the Screen9 Episerver Plugin (Episerver 9, 10, 11)

Apart from the plugin installation and configuration it is required to modify the Commerce project code so it can display videos from the Screen9 platform.

We have modified the original Quicksilver template with the following changes:

  • Created "GetVideos" function in "AssetContainerExtensions.cs" file which retrieves all inserted videos.
  • Called the "GetVideos" function in "CatalogEntryViewModelFactory.cs" file when a new "FashionProductViewModel" is created.
  • Finally in the product's "Index.cshtml" page we added the code to show video thumbnails and full-size embedded vidoes.

You can examine all changes by seeing the diff in our GitHub repository.

After these changes are done, you will be able to add videos to product variants. To do so, go to Commerce Catalog:


Navigate to a product you want to change and select "All Properties" view:


Go to the "Variants" tab and click on the variant Path:


In the product variant, go to the "Assets" tab, open "Assets pane" and drag and drop a Screen9 video from there:


After you publish changes, the product page for a selected variant is showing a video next to the product image:


If you experience any difficulties with modifying the code, please contact Screen9 Support for assistance.

See also this article to check how to add videos in the TinyMCE editor. The same way works for Commerce installation: How to use the Screen9 Episerver Plugin (Episerver 9, 10, 11)

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