Adobe Premiere Pro - Recommended output format

Last Updated 6 months ago

Note that there is an extension available for Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 or newer (version 13.0 or above) allowing you to upload video to Quickchannel from Premiere with one click, more information can be found in Adobe Premiere plugin installation article.

Quickchannel recommends that you upload videos in whichever source format you use for recording and editing. If that is not possible (due to too large size for transfer or an unsupported format) we generally recommend that you encode your videos with the following settings:

  • H.264 / MPEG-4 Part 10 / AVC video codec, High profile, Level 5.1, max 60 fps
  • AAC audio codec, Main profile, Stereo, max 48kHz

Bitrates and maximum resolution used should be set to something marginally higher (+20%) than the highest profile that your Quickchannel account has been configured with (for example 1024 x 576, 256 kbps audio). This can be seen in Account Console under Settings -> Upload -> Format -> Resolution, Bitrate. Please note that it is not recommended to up-scale (increase the resolution) the video.

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