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The Amber player is Screen9's main player that has replaced the old Onyx Player.

It has numerous new benefits:

  • Meets WCAG 2.1 AA requirements.
  • Provides support for Audio Description and multiple audio tracks.
  • Supports AirPlay to stream music, videos, and games from any Apple device to speakers or TV.
  • Supports Chromecast when used on the Chrome browser.
  • Provides SEO attributes in embed codes.
  • Has support for VMAP and VPAID ads.
  • Apart from shares to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Email it also has sharing to to LinkedIn and Yammer.
  • Provides support for locked embed codes.
  • Provides additional statistics in Google Analytics integration.
  • Enables easier, more modern integration by using JavaScript promises so it is easy to write asynchronous code using the Player API. It also does not use jQuery and consume less memory for live events compared to Onyx player. It can also be used as ES Module.

For regular, iframe embed code integration there is no additional effort required after switching to Amber player. All old embed codes work, but are presented using Amber player. For JavaScript API integration please use the migration instructions to update your code.

Note, if you have a videosite configured on your account, it always uses Amber to present videos, no matter which player is configured on the account.


Onyx plays either HTML5 or flash independent of end customer's platform choice or network speed. Onyx has been replaced by Amber. There are no new features developed for Onyx player and only critical bugs are being repaired.

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