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You can restrict access to view your videos by geographic location, by IP address or by domain, this includes preview links.

Note that these restrictions do not affect viewing media in the Console, and that the Account wide setting also affects any videosite connected to your account.

Setup protections for individual media by entering which countries, domains or IP-addresses that you want your video to be available from under the Security tab of the specific media. This setting will override the account wide settings.


You can also disable Geolocking, domain or IP Range for a single video by setting these options to "Off" value. To restore any customization done on the media level, please use the "Reset to Account Defaults" button.

Locking by domain


You can restrict access to media so that the media will be accessible embedded only on a listed domain. By selecting "Allow" preview links and QR links generated in Console will be accessible, even when domain restriction is set. To whitelist your Video site, add the domain in the permitted domain list.

Locking by SSO login (SAML2)


If SAML2 SSO Login is enabled on account level, you can restrict access to individual media by enabling the security option to require SSO login to access media. The viewer will need to be logged in on the SAML2 Single Sign-on that is set up on the account.

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