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This article explains how to trim the start and end points of a video. It applies equally to on-demand videos as well as recorded live events.

To access the trim feature, first find the video that you wish to trim, then select the Trim page in the sub-menu. The interface will look as in the picture below showing a player for preview and a timeline with some controls.


To trim the video, simply select a start time on the timeline by moving the time indicator to desired position and then pressing the ">" button, repeat the same process with the "xtagstartz" button to set end time. Use the seek controls or enter time manually to fine tune the position of the trim adjuster. When you are satisfied press the "Trim" button. You can choose to trim the original (overwrite existing video), or create a trimmed copy that will be created in your media list.

Subtitles and chapters
Both subtitles and chapters added to the original media will be trimmed and attached to the trimmed version, both when trimming the original and when trimming to a new copy of the media.

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