Restream a live event to other platforms

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Restream is the amazing ability to simultaneously stream on two different platforms, allowing you to go live on Quickchannel while also broadcasting on other platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and more.

Activating a Restream

If you have live functionality on your Quickchannel account, restream functionality is already active. All you have to do is adding the forwarding address.

To do this, go to "Settings" and on the left-hand column, click on "Live & Webinar.”

In the right-hand column, you will see a category called "Live channels."


You can create a new channel or edit an existing one. If you can't create a new channel, it means you've reached the available number. If you want to increase the number of channels, please contact your account manager or the Customer Success department.

Whether you're creating a new channel or editing an existing one, you will see an additional field called "Restream URL."

Creating a new channel


Editing an existing channel


In this field, you need to enter the RTMP address provided by the platform that is the destination of the stream currently broadcasted to Quickchannel.

External RTMP Addresses

The RTMP address is where Quickchannel will forward your RTMP signal. It should be written on a single line. Once you have added the RTMP address, when you start broadcasting on Quickchannel (not during the preview time, but when the event is live), will be seen on the other streaming platform. Please note that there may be a delay between the two platforms.


You can easily find the RTMP address when starting a live program. Acquiring the RTMP address for a live stream is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

1. Copy the Stream URL: Begin by copying the "Stream URL" provided. The URL should resemble this format: rtmp://

2. Append the Stream Key: Next, append your "Stream key" to the end of the copied URL.


Separate the URL and the key with a forward slash (/). For instance, if your stream key is

vtc6-12y3-b9if-ye4g-9ap0, the complete RTMP address would be: rtmp://

Once you have entered the correct information, your Quickchannel stream should be successfully restreamed to Youtube.


Twitch provides a webpage with a list of recommended servers based on your location. Please visit this website and choose the closest server to you

Once you have selected the appropriate server, copy the address. For example:

Next, you will need to obtain your stream key. To do this, go to your Twitch account and navigate to the "Video producer" page. From there, click on "Settings" and then select “Stream".


You will find your Primary Stream Key listed on this page. Copy the key.
Finally, go to Quickchannel and enter the following information:

1. URL Server: Paste the RTMP server address you copied earlier.

2. Stream Key: Paste your Twitch stream key.

For example, the complete URL would look like this:

Once you have entered the correct information, your Quickchannel stream should be successfully restreamed to Twitch.


You'll find the RTMP address by following these steps.
First, in our wall select "Live Video”. 


Then we decide if we want to do a live stream or schedule an event.


Once setup, we will be given the option to do a live stream from our computer or from a streaming program. We will select the second option.


The Stream Key will appear on the screen, we copy it.


Now we only need the URL. In the "Advanced Settings" section, we will find "Server URL”.


Now paste the "Server URL" followed by the forward slash (/) followed by the Stream Key in the "Restream URL" field in Quickchannel, and we will have the channel ready to restream our Quickchannellive streams to Facebook

Example to enter into the restream URL field in Quickchannel:

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