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Quickchannel supports sending live from tape. The functionality is available in both webinars and live dependent on which user interface you are most comfortable with as a producer. There is no difference for the viewer between live-from-tape and webinar-from-tape.


In order to do a live-from-tape broadcast, you have to have video longer than 6 minutes on your account. You can use any VOD: One you uploaded, recorded from a previous live event, recorded in the built in screen/camera recorder or that has been rendered the video editor.

Setting up

To schedule a live-from-tape event, find the video in the media list and click on the schedule icon to open the Live wizard using this video as the source.


You can also start a live-from-tape event using the schedule icon under the video player on the media overview page.


In the Live wizard, you have access to any functionality you would normally have, like registration, chat & polls, security etc.

Replacing media

To invite people to a live-from-tape event without having the video prepared, create a placeholder video with the intended duration of the event. You can then replace the placeholder video with your intended video, provided that:

  • The replacement video has the same duration as the placeholder video. The live-from-tape event will last for the duration of the placeholder video.
  • You replace the video well in advance of the live-from-tape preview start time.

If the replacement and transcoding of the replacement video is not complete before the preview starts, the placeholder video will be used as the source for your live-from-tape event.

Running the event

The event will run on auto pilot. The video will start on the set time and end when the video has been played back as a live stream. You can use the chat and poll during the event if that has been enabled for your event.

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