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Screen9 player supports collecting statistics to the Matomo Analytics Platform (both, On-Premise and Cloud editions). You'll need to purchase Media Analytics plugin if you are using On-Premise edition. Please contact your sales representative to enable this option on your account.

In order to integrate Matomo analytics with Screen9, you'll need to generate the "Tracking code" in Matomo Administration → Measurables → Tracking Code:


Copy this code snippet and paste it in the Screen9 Console → Settings → Connections → Statistics → Matomo:

  • trackPageView() - This will track a page visit for preview/embed code. If you are interested in only media/player events please comment/remove this section of the tracking code.

Then you can see media plays in the Matomo Media section:


The media will be presented with media title and media id in brackets as shown on the above screenshot.

Iframe embeds

If you are using iframe embed codes you might want to prevent Matomo from creating new visit on every page view by adding a setting to your tracking code as described in


If your account is setup to disable all cookies until user makes a consent to use them, the matomo plugin will also automatically set the disableCookies flag as described in This has impact on collected statistics as described in

Play (Views) Statistics

Matomo tracks every replay of a video as a new play (view) and the time spent watching the video restarts from the beginning of the video at each replay of the media.
For more information about Matomo statistics, see Matomo doc:

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