Controlling cookies in player using the REST API

Last Updated 8 months ago

It is possible to control which cookies the player can set using the REST API and the  allowedcookies parameter.

An option is to fetch a completely cookieless player by setting the parameter an empty sting:

curl ""

This would result in a response similar to:

{"id": "DqCsvA8McDeg1onWaRz_Mw", "embed": "<iframe allow=\"autoplay; fullscreen\" allowfullscreen height=\"360\" referrerpolicy=\"no-referrer-when-downgrade\" src=\"\" style=\"border:0;\" title=\"bunny lo-res\" width=\"640\"></iframe>"}

Such player can be then instructed to store more cookies depending on user preferences as described in Setting player to store only allowed cookie article.

A Screen9 account can also be set up to prevent Screen9 Player to store any cookies. Please contact support if you want to have this enabled.

This website relies on cookies to function, but no personal data is ever stored in the cookies.

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