Apply filters

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In this tutorial you'll learn how to apply filters to video clips.

Create a new project

First, you need to create a new project using either the Console or from the Video Editor dashboard. See the overview article for more details.

Add a clip to track

Once you are in the Video Editor project, search for a video in the upper right area using a text search or narrow down the results using category or tag filter. Below is an example of text filter "Lake" in a "Life" category.


Enable the magnet button above the tracks. This will help sticking the clips to the beginning of the track.


Drag and drop the clip to the video track:


Add filter effect

Click on the clip so the "Edit clip" pane is shown and expand the "Filter effect" section:


Select a filter and notice how the preview is changed when the filter is applied. You can also modify the amplitude of the effect in the "Value" field. Note, the filter is applied per video clip, not per the whole video track.

Render video

Finally, use the "Render" button to generate the final video with filters.

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