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Screen9 supports multiple audio tracks. To upload and edit your audio tracks navigate to the Audio tab by selecting a media file from your media list and then press Audio to the left.



Select the language for your audio track, press Upload and select your audio file.

The uploaded file will appear shortly in the list of audio tracks available on your video.


Audio Descriptions

Audio Descriptions are audio tracks that are used when further explanation of visual elements in a video is needed for anyone with impaired vision.

To upload an Audio Descriptions track, press the AD button next to the Upload button after you've selected your language. You can also use the Actions panel to mark an audio track as Audio Descriptions after you've uploaded a track, as well as download and delete any audio file that has been uploaded.

Note: You can not delete the original audio track on the video and you cannot have two audio tracks of the same language, unless one of them is marked Audio Descriptions.

Choosing Audio Track in the Player

Once you're done uploading, navigate to the Overview tab to the left.

An icon displaying a pair of headphones will appear in the preview player where you can listen to all the different audio tracks.

Audio Description tracks display a small symbol to the right of the language so you can differentiate between the two types of audio tracks.

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