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As mentioned in the Uploading-with-FTP article we support use of NewsML XML files for assigning metadata to uploaded files.

Here are some tips on what can be wrong if it does not work as intended:

  • The XML file must have the same name as the associated video, but with an .xml suffix.
  • A <ContentItem Href=""filename.mp4""> must associate the XML with the video.
  • NewsML uses capitalization for all attributes. E.g. it is Href and not href, Value and not value.

Setting category

In the <AdministrativeMetadata> element additional <Property> elements will appear as properties in the video. This can also be used to assign category to the uploaded video. This is done as follows

    <Property FormalName="Kategori" Value="My category name" />

Note "Kategori" and not "Category". Also Value should be the name of the category, not the categoryid.

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