Video processing time

Last Updated 2 years ago

Full HD (1080p) videos are ready to be published in 0.7 times the duration of the video.

Processing time is important, particularly if you have much or long content. Screen9 runs transcoding (the word we use for processing video from one format to another) on modern hardware using optimized software. Screen9 also employs a clever algorithm when encoding to multiple formats that prioritizes required formats over optimization formats which enables publishing of a video before all formats have completed processing. Additional formats (different quality levels in adaptive streaming) are completed in the background and made available for streaming as soon as they are ready.

The combination of modern hardware and clever scheduling allows Screen9 to make uploaded videos ready for publishing incredibly fast. To give you a feel for the speed, we have included three benchmarks below. The video we use for benchmarking is from the Big Buck Bunny project. The benchmark videos all have a duration of 9:57 minutes. Furthermore they represent three quality levels:

  • 480p resolution encoded with 3.3 Mbps H.264 video and AAC audio
  • 720p resolution encoded with 5.6 Mbps H.264 video and AAC audio
  • 1080p resolution encoded with 9.7 Mbps H.264 video and AAC audio

The benchmark lists the "Time to publish" which is the time from when the upload completes to when the video is ready to be published. It also lists the time to when all formats are created and the time saved from not having to wait for all formats to complete.

As you can see from the table below, even the 1080p HD quality clip is ready in only 7 minutes which is only 0.7 times the duration of the uploaded video.

Resolution Bitrate Filesize Time to publish Optimized formats complete Time saved
480p 3.3 Mbps 250 MB 4 min 12 sec (0.4x) 5 min 59 sec (0.6x) 1 min 47 sec
720p HD 5.6 Mbps 417 MB 5 min 13 sec (0.5x) 16 min 4 sec (1.6x) 10 min 51 sec
1080p Full HD 9.7 Mbps 725 MB 6 min 59 sec (0.7x) 22 min 50 sec (2.3x) 15 min 51 sec
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