Videosite host name

Last Updated 2 months ago

Quickchannel videosites are all hosted as a subdomain of, this means that your videosite is probably hosted on something like If you wish to use a different host name for your videosite, for example, you can do this by using the host mapping feature.

What you need to do is add the new host name in the host mapping field under the Options tab. Note that you will need to add a CNAME record in your DNS for this to work properly. Talk to your system administrator if you are not sure what this means.

Certificate for your own host name will be created automatically.


Hosting in an iframe

As an alternative to configuring a hostname mapping you can also host the videosite in an iframe. This allows for a more integrated look and feel. The videosite adjusts responsively to the size of the iframe and thus looks good in just about any size. The header and footer can optionally hide inside the iframe depending on how it fits with your technical setup.

To embed the videosite in an iframe, adjust the settings to your preference and then copy-paste the iframe embed code to your website.

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