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Chapters provide a way to highlight points of interest on the video timeline to aid the user in navigating the video content.

Adding Chapters

Adding chapters is easily done in the chapters page of your media in the Console. Navigate to the time you wish to add the chapter at and press the "Add chapter" button at the bottom.

The chapters will be presented as pins on the lower timeline of the page, press a pin to select the chapter it represents, you can then edit the Chapter name, Description or Time of the selected chapter in the "Details" box, Time can also be changed by dragging a chapters pin on the timeline.

You can mark some chapters as "Subchapters" and they will be shown indented in the chapters widget that is used in Videosite or can be used from the API.


Chapters in the Player

When you have added chapters to a video, the player will show them as marks on the timeline with the Chapter name visible on hover, this way users can easily navigate the video to quickly find interesting information in the video.

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